About Us

They say the best combination is red wine and power tools, but the Tony Abbott Time Warp Watch arose from a far more potent combination – red wine and that sense that your country is no longer the one that made you what you are.

A group of us – old friends who were excited by the Hawke years, enthralled by the Keating years and found to our surprise that we could put up with quite a lot of the Howard years – were sitting around one day trying to cope with the reality of the Abbott years.  True, the country has felt like it was going backwards for some time, but SURELY this must be the first time in the history of Australia where reversing is government policy?

We concluded that this is the sort of thing which needs to be commemorated, and the Tony Abbott Time Warp Watch was born.

The red wine was really working and before too long we had found a manufacturer and ordered a consignment of the things… so now every man, woman and child in the country can have their very own Time Warp Watch, to commemorate this epoch-making period in our history!

The watch is imported, of course – the country will need to go backwards an awfully long way before we have a manufacturing industry again – but it is made from the finest alloys which may well include minerals from our own fair shores.  The movement is a fine Japanese one and it comes complete with battery and ready to go.

 The watch can be ordered through this web site, or is available on eBay.  Buy one for yourself and one for a friend- it’s the patriotic thing to do!

 The Tony Abbott Time Warp watch is also on Twitter and Facebook – check us out!!

 Buy a watch!  Send us a selfie!

 We wish you the best of times!

 from your Time Warp watch team