Tony Abbott Time Warp Watch

Now every man, woman and child in the country can have their very own Time Warp Watch.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to commemorate Tony Abbott’s epoch-making period in our history with your very own Time Warp talking piece! ¬†True, the country has felt like it was going backwards for some time, but SURELY this must be the first time in the history of Australia where reversing is government policy?

Made from the finest alloys, the Tony Abbott Time Warp Watch features a Japanese made movement which shows time going backwards before your eyes!

Available with your choice of a high quality leather band, in Black or Brown. Alternatively, for the special few, we offer a Limited Edition Time Warp Watch but order quickly – they’re selling fast!

$35.00 (includes applicable taxes)

+ $8.95 Postage & handling (+ $5.00 per additional watch)

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